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Nominated in the category "Album in other languages 2022" of ADISQ and winner of the "Album of the Year 2022", "Artist of the year 2019" and "Best Male Voice 2018" award at the Kilimanjaro Music Awards in Toronto, Richy Jay takes us on a journey through his world of harmonies which have a unique style inspired by Afro-Caribbean rhythms (Afropop, Zouk, Kompa, Hip-Hop and R&B). He will make you move from head to toe, sunburn guaranteed!


Abuelo is Montreal's DJ of the hour! Blending urban, Afro and Caribbean styles, he literally sets the decks on fire, enriching your evenings with extraordinary dynamism!  He's also a talented rapper, and since 2019, he's been collaborating with a host of artists including Richy Jay, Jerry Mr Jay, Ayvi, Fyah Bwoy La, Roby, Jawa, Shortyb and Rosemika. Abuelo has a style all his own, with Creole and Spanish lyrics set to Trap, Hip-Hop, Rap Kreyol and Afrobeat rhythms.


Rosemika performs in a Pop and R&B style. She draws out inspiration from her own experiences, and extract the essence of her songs from the very heart of her emotions. She'll win you over with her smooth and powerful voice. Her beautiful energy is transmitted and emanates from her melodies. Rosemika is the new star of her generation!

Akawui - Crédit photo Daniel Toledo (1).jpg

Akawui's artistic inspiration comes from his life experiences and the cultural musical mix that characterizes his indigenous-Chilean heritage. His performances, mostly in Spanish, find a unique sound in Latin/alternative/urban music. The artist fuses hip-hop, rock, elements of electronic music and folk songs and sounds from around the world. For fans of urban alternative music from around the world, this artist unites the tribal with the modern. Akawui writes engaging lyrics with a message that connects the realities of diverse communities and highlights the human condition.



BIC Tizon Dife, real name Roosevelt Saillant, was preceded by his reputation as a songwriter and rapper-slammer in his native Haiti. With a career spanning almost 23 years, it was upon his arrival in Canada in 2022 that he embarked on the creation of his 8th album, "Été en hiver". Ten songs make up this project, which reflects his desire to capture the hearts of French-speaking audiences. His musical style is firmly rooted in Haitian rhythms. His talent as a lyricist, combining drumming and current Afro-Caribbean musical trends, amazes us with his pen's art of juggling rhyme and poetic melody.


Kwaliti est un nouveau groupe musical afro-caribéen évoluant sur la scène montréalaise, canadienne et internationale. Ronald Lebeau, originaire d’Haïti, se présente comme étant le leader du groupe et est accompagné de deux autres membres, Alain Jean Louis et Fridody Jean. L’ensemble a gagné le prix « Bronze » au Syli d’Or de la musique du monde avec les productions Nuits d’Afrique en 2021. Toujours en processus de création, Kwaliti propose un nouveau projet d’album pour l’automne 2023 en s’inspirant des rythmes caribéens, haïtiens et afropop .


Avec plus de 8 ans d'expérience immersive dans l'art de la réalisation de clips musicaux, Kevin Noisette de KN Visuals apporte un mélange unique de créativité, d'expertise technique et de passion à chaque projet. En tant qu'ancien musicien et maintenant réalisateur expérimenté de vidéos musicales, j'aime transformer le son en récits visuels captivants qui laissent une impression durable. Il travaille avec les artistes tels que Wyclef Jean, Durkheim, Richy Jay, Kwaliti, Charlin Bato, Steves J. Bryan.... Tolalito Music s'occupe de son booking au Canada.


We would like to pay tribute to a great soul, friend, brother and artist who left us on July 19, 2020.


Jamson Verdieu, whose stage name was Jeison, grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. From an early age, he was passionate about music. When he arrived in the Dominican Republic in 2007, he launched his first EP, "Siempre tango culpa", a 4-song album in Spanish Reggeaton with his friend Alex-One. In 2009, Jeison decided to form the group 2BJay with his brother Richy Jay, concocting the album "It's Over". They went on to perform live together, winning local audiences with the song "Quitate la ropa". In 2011, Jeison launched his solo career in the Reggaeton and Rap Kreyol style. During his young career, he collaborated on several projects, notably with his brother Richy Jay (Boss, Que tango que hacer, Loco), and scored a big hit with the song "Super Woman", released in 2019.

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